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EarMaster Pro 7.0

A teaching and learning suite for music students
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Learn the basics of music elements and practice composing or playing. Access a library of over 2000 sight-singing, ear training, and rhythmic exercises, select the desired music style, etc. The package features transcription, sight-reading, and scale, chord or interval assignment modules.

EarMaster Pro is a program that trains musicians in identifying intervals, chords and rhythms.
The program includes exercises to identify intervals, chords, chord inversions, chord progressions, scales and modes. It also has exercises in transcribing melodies and rhythms and in sight-reading or imitation of rhythms.

When you install the program, it will prompt you to choose the output channel you want to use, and which instrument should it use.

The program includes three training modes: the Standard Tutor (that includes Interval Comparison and Identification, Chord Identification, Inversions and Progressions, Scale Identification, Rhythm Reading, Imitation, Dictation and Correction and Melodic Dictation. The Jazz Tutor includes Chord Identifications and Progressions and Rhythm Reading, Imitation, Dictation and Correction. The Customized exercise lets you choose the lessons you´ll like to take.

At the end of each lesson, you can view the statistical results of the questions the program made to you.

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